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Brew How-To

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OHSO Good!

Beers are coming along look for updates on some of our new flavors!

Carrot Cake, Key Lime Pie, Not So Peanut Butter Brown, American Wheat, Elderberry Brown and Many More!

The Beers are coming along!

Still figuring out the ins and outs of the system, fermentation rooms and general craziness of this system, the brewers have not had time to blog much. So here are some basics, we have learned a few costly and timely lessons and continue to learn about our timing, space and design of the brewing functions, systems and needs.  Currently in process we have a Lager, Midnight Pumpkin Wheat, two test batch IPAs, three test batch Orange Pale Ales, An Oak Aged Russian Imperial Stout done by ASH Members, http://club.azhomebrewers.org/, and some other fun wine, liqour, fruit, vegetable oak aged barrels coming along.  Oh and firkins, firkins, firkins!

Thanks for visiting and if you are interested in finding out about some other great breweries in the area and throughout Arizona check out the Arizona Brewers Guild http://www.azbrewguild.com/

Cheers and Local Beers,


We have our beers on tap now!

So it has been a great learning experience.  Learning the system, figuring out new things each day and then discovering what you thought was working is not.  We evolve each brew and will hopefully have a good handle on the system by the end of November.  It’s been a long strange trip and it only gets stranger.  Lots more info to come once the Pied Piper of Yeast figures out the rest! Oh yeah and as soon as we learn how to use the blog you will see more! Ha

Cheers and Local Beers,


The Brewery Blog Coming Soon!

With all that’s happening in the OHSO world we wanted a way to keep you up to date on the brewery and eats. Keep an eye out for some fun stuff!